Sunday, April 09, 2006


People I meet on Lycos or MSN or anywhere are curious abaout meeting a Thai girl who is a Mistress and they always ask many questions about me and my life like "A/S/L" or "where are you from" or "are you on MSN or Yahoo?" or "tell me about you" or "what do you do" or "are you bi- or les" or "describe yourself" or "are you single" or the most stupid question "are you Thai" and questions like that. To save time for everyone and to stop boring me with many of the same questions I decided to make my own personal blog to tell you all about me and what I like and at end of my profile I keep a diary for my special friends in the USA, Spain, UK and Japan, and everyone else who wants to read it to know what I do with my time. Most important thing I want to say in the beginning is that I have three big rules:

I do not do cyber sex with strangers
I do not share nude pics with strangers
I do not want to look at that male sexual organs

In Thailand we do not like the word "lesbian" because in our culture the word is used for girls who make hardporn videos with girls or sell their bodies to other girls for money. So we prefer the words Dee (femme) and Tom (butch or dyke). This is good for foreigners to know when talking to Thai girls to prevent hurt feelings. I can be submissive if it pleases my girlfriendsand I like to be that way sometimes so I can really relax and enjoy someone but I am usually just as happy to be a strong Domme. Before, from the age of 15 I was bi- because I could not decide if I was more happy with girls or boys but for more than one year I have been 100% Dee and happy. But lately I am thinking to go back to my bi-personality.. I will explain this in my diary that I posted at the end of this.

My mother was a first year Chiang Mai University student when she got pregnant with me by a much older man. He loved my mother a lot but he was already married and had children and so my mother had to be his "mia noi" (little wife) and stay in his background like a shadow so his family would not know about us. My father rented us a small house and gave some money and came to visit us when he could. But then when I was almost 4 my mother got married for real with an American Army Sergeant working in Bangkok. Six months after marriage my American stepfather took my mother and me to live at Fort Polk in Louisiana, USA. I grew up and went to school 10 years in Leesville, a very small boring town near Ft. Polk. There was only one other Thai woman living there and she had a Thai son already grown, so all my childhood friends were American kids and in the beginning life was not easy for me in school and in play until I could learn English. When I was almost 14 my mother divorced and she took me back to live in Chiang Mai. That time my Thai was poor and I had more problems in school and making new friends but in six months I was OK living in Thailand again.

I went 4 years to high school in Chiang Mai and was very happy to be with girls and boys like me. In Leesville girls and boys 13-14 could date and go to movies and places but in Thailand that is not so accepted for girls from good families. The old Thai customs say ‘good girls’ should not go with boys until they are in university…. if teen grils do go with boys then people who see that may think the girl is immoral and the girl's reputation is damaged and maybe she will have hard time later to marry with a boy from a good family. So, young teen Thai girls go out with girls and pretty soon we go steady with one girl we like a lot and we fall in love with her and then we do what normal kids do everywhere to explore our bodies and satisfy our sexual instincts. When I was 14 I lost my innocence and virginity with Pranee, a girl one year older than me who had much experience with sex and we had many happy times together for more than one year. But I was like most girls and did not want to be a slave to the old customs so I started to have secret dates with some boys when I was 15 and I let them do everything they wanted to do with me but I did not enjoy it so much.

The big experience of my teen life was when I was 16 and I met Carmen a beautiful 19 year old Spanish girl at Bubbles, a popular dico-nightclub for young people in Chiang Mai. She lived in Bangkok with her parents (her father worked at the Spanish Embassy). We liked each other a lot at that first meeting and she came back to Chiang Mai 15-20 times in 2 years to see me and to teach me a lot about western life and love making. She taught me a lot of Spanish too and gave me the desire to learn it in university and someday go there to visit or maybe even work. My last year of highschool she went back to Spain with her family and I lost contact with her; it was a sad time for me and I cried a lot at night missing her touch and her love. In high school I was like many girls in that I was in a love relation with more than one girl and at the same time would sneak dates with boys too just to show my rebel spirit against the old customs. But I never liked much for boys to do those things with me and when I went to the university I stopped going with boys because I had no more mood for it.

Now I am in Bangkok at Tammasat University and November 7 I started my second year of study for degrees in English and Spanish. I decided to study foreign languages because when I graduate I want to work for a UK, Spanish or USA company and live and work in those countries and see the world. Because of what Carmen taught me I am the best student in all my Spanish classes and never get less than 97-98 in my exams. I also take business courses to help me find a job in a foreign company. I like to chat with girls and boys (if the boys are not rude to me) who can help me practice Spanish or improve English or learn about Europe.

My favorite vanilla things are going to scifi movies; reading Harry Potter; going to the beach to swim and scuba; going trekking in the mountains; playing tennis; trying on hot fashion clothes even if I cannot buy; wearing wild matching underwear; riding passenger on fast motorcycles, dancing to romantic music, watching Spongebob Squarepants videos; and hanging at Baskin Robbins Ice Cream shops and big shopping malls.
The favorite things of my wild nature are to go to the Vega Club (a club in Bangkok for Dee and Tom girls) to dance, listen to music, drink Spy wine coolers and get crazy; to play with my feminine toys; and experiment with new ways to be happy with girls; to live and work in the Mistress World and to care for my two slaves Daeng and Goh.

Another thing I liked since I was 13-14 was domination and submissive lifestyle and I read everything I could find about Shibari which is Japanese rope bondage and Kinbaku which is Japanese rope art. I practiced Shibari and Kinbaku on my gf's for almost five years to learn it well enough to someday be a Nawashi (professional) and Sensei (teacher). My biggest life fantasy since I was 16 was to meet a real Mistress and sit at Her feet as a slave to learn everything about BDSM from Her and become a Mistress myself. Last year I did met a Mistress and I was lucky to be accepted a Her slave to study and serve Her and I earned my black slave collar after almost five months. But I like being a Domme too much to stay with it and I secretly started to play Mistress to some girls and asked for my freedom from my Mistress. I got my freedom December 14 2005 and now I am free to be a real a Mistress to those girls and to start my own little House of Domination. If You are a Mistress and want to give advice to me then please leave me a message.

When I came to my first day at university in 2004 I heard a girl say that she was doing part time modeling at a studio in Bangkok owned by Jon and Chris, two UK guys from Leeds. That girl thought I was pretty enough to do this work and she wanted me to try it. She urged me for a week to go there with her and finally I said yes because I decided it would be exciting and a good change when I am bored sick with study, and also I could use the money I could earn. So, that girl helped me to have the audition and I got the job and was a part time model for 6-7 months. She got a bonus for bringing a new girl like me to work at the studio but that was OK because I liked modeling a lot and I did the same and introduced two girls to be models at that studio to earn me bonuses too. Many of my university girlfriends do modeling because it is the big fad now, even for high school girls who will lie that they are 18 and legal to pose for the camera. Girls here like to boast of doing this work because everyone thinks it is exciting to pose nude and sexy-like for the camera and to know that guys and girls in foreeign countries pay to see those photos and videos. Best of all, the modeling job gave me money to buy extra things I want like fashion clothes and feminine toys and to pay for dates. I quit modeling in August 2005 because I would not agree to have sex on camera with guys like other of my friends do.

Red, blue and white are my favorite colors. I liked to pose and look sweet and sexy for the camera but I cannot show you here how sexy I was. But maybe you can imagine it in your minds eye.

Som and Toy two of my first university friends who helped me a lot when I first came to university. Toy is lovely like a goddess. She is half Thai and half Japanese and has a moviestar face and body. Som is 19 years old and Toy will be 21 on December 25, same month as me and we have our birthday parties together every year. They are Dees and sweethearts and have been together for more than one year. They still model together sometimes for Jon and Chris and they are so good with it that they also model for other studios and they earn a lot. They are great fun to be with because they are not shy and are always happy.

Ae is another of my best university friends. She was 19 on October 20 2005 and we had a big party for her at Vega Club. She is a bi-sexual Dee and a very sweet girl. She has a cute butterfly tatoo on her breast and likes to tease. She used to model at the same studio with us but Jon and Chris made her stop working because they said she is not sexy enough. Those f***ing stupid guys!! I think she is very sexy. She is not shy at all and this makes it loads of fun to be with her. She studies business and wants to work someday in the UK or USA in some business like import/export. She likes European men and girls best and is single now. She comes from well-off family and can travel anywhere on holidays to meet someone special that she likes. She speaks very good English and will be a good penpal for someone. Sincere boys or girls can write to her at

Belle is my best friend in university. She was 20 on July 7 2005. She is a bi-sexual Dee but used to date mostly men and only European men because most Thai men are very crude and very selfish and think only of their own sexual pleasure. She does model work sometimes and was the one who put the idea in my head to do it and she took me the first time to the studio to meet Jon and Chris and helped me to get a job. She has courage to do anything the studio wants her to do for the camera and also in life. She sometimes took me on her moped to my sub training and brought me back to my dorm room even if it was very late at night...she is a real friend and more to me. She will be a wonderful lover for anyone who wins her heart. Since August 2005 Belle has been in Tokyo staying with Mikki a Japanese tourist girl she met and fell in love with. But this is not real love (only hot sex) I think and Belle will come back to university in November 2006 to finish studies. I want to help her meet some nice UK guy (or girl maybe) and anyone like that can e-mail her at:

Tik is one of my new friends. She is 18 and works in the university library and takes some courses in free time to study to be kindergarten teacher. She is a bi-sexual Dee but would date guys 90% of the time if she has the chance... but to find a nice sincere Thai guy is difficult so she does not go out with many guys now. I am hoping to help her meet some nice UK guys to write to her and maybe visit her some time. I met Tik when she was modeling at the studio my last time in August 2005. Now she stopped doing that work because the money was too little for what they told her to do. I think you can see from her photo that she is very pretty and sweet looking and I think any guy could be happy to be with her. She speaks OK English. She is getting a pc and hotmail soon and until she does I will help her to get emails from anyone who wants to know her. Just write to her at my hotmail or yahoo and I will give her the messages and send back to you.

Tambien me gustaria contactar y chalar con chicas y chicos que hablen el espanol para practicar esa lengua. Hace cuatro anos yo tenia una novia espanola que se llamaba Carmen; ella era de Valencia y me ha ensenado un poco del espanol y mucho del amor lesbiana espanol. Por eso yo he decidido estudiar el espanol ahora en la niversidad. Yo creo que las chicas y el amor espanol son muy dulces!


August 13 2005

From today I started making a diary of everything I do so others can know more about me and so my penpal and lycos friends everywhere can know how I am. Tonight I went with Belle, Toy and Som to the Vega Club on Sukumwit Road; we usually go there Saturday nights. The Vega Club is a very famous restaurant and bar where mostly Thai and tourist girls like to go to drink and dance and meet other girls. Sometimes gay guys go there too because they feel welcome and like the music. The club is owned by 3 or 4 Dees and Toms and they always greet friendly like everyone who comes there and they make first time girls feel relaxed to be there. On Saturday night there is always a good band that plays and sings Thai and English music until about 11:30pm and after that another band comes to play and sing mostly Thai music. Any night but especially Saturday night you can see some famous Thai movie and music stars coming to enjoy the fun at Vega Club and to hang with their Dee and Tom friends and enjoy the music and exciting atmosphere.This night we danced and drank wine coolers and listened to music. We saw three cute European girls at a table and we could hear they were speaking French. But they were with two Thai girls so we did not go to meet them. When the first band quit, we four got on Belle and Toy's mopeds and went to a sidewalk snack place near the university for a midnight bowl of cho, a rice porriage with ginger, very popular in Thailand. Thai people love to eat all the time but we never get fat, at least most of us do not. Ha Ha!

August 15 2005

I am very happy for my girlfriend Mai because she found a nice UK man to love her and take care of her. I put her pic in my Lycos profile page when I started on Lycos, and Jeff, a guy working at Barclay’s Bank in Singapore, saw her in my profile and liked her and wrote to me and I was able to be like cupid and put them together when he came to Bangkok two days ago. They loved each other first sight and she is getting her passport and will go to be with him in Singapore. I had chance to meet him and I think he is sincere and I feel it is OK for Mai to go with him. I hope they can marry if that is what they want. Anyway, she will have much better life than working long days in a department store for a tiny Baht 2,500 (about $20) a month salary that she gets for being a poor counter girl at Central Department Store.

August 20 2005
Tonight Belle and I went at the Vega Club for dancing and to listen to the live band and it is so lucky we went because while we were there my fantasy came true. While we were dancing we saw at a table a lovely Asian woman with a Thai girl who had a collar on her neck and I knew it must be a Mistress and her slave. I wanted to go to talk to Her but I was too shy and nervous to do it. But Belle is afraid of nothing and she took me to those women to introduce me and to explain about me wanting to be in that D/S lifestyle. The woman was friendly and she said her name is Mistress Marisa, a Filipina who lives not far from the university. The girl was Gliceria her slave; she wore a beautiful black and silver collar with designs like niello that you can see on Thai silver bowls. The woman bought us something to drink and talked with me for 15-20 minutes asking about what I know of D/S life and why I want to live it. I knew already to be very respectful of a Mistress and I was very polite to her and I think she was happy with me. All the time we talked her sub did not speak one word to us; she only lighted her Mistress’s cigarettes, made sure that the wine glass of her Mistress was always full and took away the cigarette ashes when they got too big. The Lady asked for my telephone number and then She and the girl left. She did not say that she will call and now I wait to know if She wiIl contact me. I did not have courage to approach that woman myself so I owe very much to Belle.

August 26 2005
Very disappointing that Mistress Marisa did not call me yet. I have stayed by my telephone most evenings for five days but nothing from her. When I go out my room mate Om is sweet to stay to listen for the call. I had big exam in Spanish today and knew every question so I am sure I got high marks except maybe for making one or two correct accents marks. My best girlfriend Belle came to my room tonight to play cards with me and Om and then we listened to cd of Pink Bird, a Thai band, and we danced and drank Spy coolers and had good time.

September 2 2005
Mistress Marisa called me tonight for first time!! I was so happy because I thought she had forgot about me. She talked a lot about what it means to be a slave and to serve. She asked me many questions about why I want to be in a D/S relation. Many times my answers did not satisfy her and she pushed me to think really more about it and give more clear answers. Finally I could convince her that I had thought a lot about this thing and then she asked many questions about me and what I like and do not like. She told me how I must always speak to her as "my Lady" or "Mistress Marissa" and must always show proper respect to her. We talked for 30 minutes maybe about how to show respect and then she dismissed me and told me to stay in my room each evening from now until she says I can have freedom to go out to do other things. So, I must be here from 7:30pm each night to wait her calls. If I do not do this and I am caught then maybe she will not contact me ever again.
September 3 2005
Mistress Marisa called me at 8:45pm to check me and I was in my room but I was lazy to answer the telephone and it rang four times before I picked up and she was very angry with me and called me bad names. I had to say ten times that I am sorry for not picking up the telephone quickly. She told me it must not ring more than two times and if this happens again she will be more angry and I will have big punishment. I apologised and promised to correct myself. Then I was foolish and dared to ask when I could see her. This made her very angry again and she blamed me a lot and told me I must always ask permission to ask her something before asking it. I have to learn so much about behaving with her.

September 10 2005
I still stay in my room in evenings for her calls and I never know when she will call. My friends think I am crazy to change my life 100% because before I was going out almost every night to movies and clubs to dance and have fun being with friends. But I pass the time studying more and my grades are much better for it, so that is one good thing to come from this. Tonight mistress Marisa called and she told me to hit my bare butt with my hand hard so she can hear it on the telephone.. I had to do it 10 times and do it harder most times because she said she could not hear it well. My hand and butt were very sore afterwards.

September 19
Belle came to my room tonight with Gislea a German tourist girl she met Saturday on a bus. They got along very well from first greeting and they stayed together all that weekend going to see places and staying together at nights. Gisela is very cute, sweet and has big firm breasts, so lovely. But she goes to Singapore tomorrow and then back to Germany, so Belle is not happy thinking of that. I still get calls every night from the woman and I am wanting to have chance to meet her again but I cannot do anything. I know this is a test to see if I have discipline to wait and obey her.
October 3 2005
In past four weeks Mistress Marisa has called almost every night to check that I am obeying her command to stay in my room in the evenings. Each time I could pick up at first ring and 2-3 times She praised me by telling me that I am "a good girl" . Sometimes She calls two times in one night to know if I leave after the first call. It is hard to not go out with my friends but I determine to stay with this because I know it will be good for me and I want to show that I am strong enough to do it. So I spend my evening hours studying and also searching bd websites to learn more how to behave correctly with Her. I learned tonight on Wilkipedia (free online dictionary) that I must write capital letters for "She" and "Her" and "Mistress" when talking about a Domme because these words reference to Her and must show respect.
October 8 2005
Tonight I got call from Her and was commanded to come to Her house. This was my first time to visit my Lady's Domain (her home) and I was very nervous. I knew from reading websites that a sub should take a small gift to her Dominant so I bought five beautiful red roses to give to Her. I gave the gift and She was pleased but then I made mistakes in almost everything I did in Her presence... like looking around at the many strange B/D things in Her rooms instead keeping my mind on what She was saying to me; not having a lighter to light Her cigarettes; forgetting to say "yes my Lady" or "no my Lady"; forgetting to keep my eyes and head low and not look at Her until She allowed it, and things like that. Each time I made mistake I had to say what I did wrong, why I should be punished, apologise for it and present myself for punishment (to be spanked hard on my bare ass with a paddle or her hand). I accepted it and did not complain and when the spanking punishment was finished I had to thank her for correcting my bad habits. Then She was friendly with me again and now I know not to make those mistakes again.
My Lady talked to me for almost one hour about duties of a sub and how I must behave in Her presence and when I am presented to Her friends; also we talked about things I am comfortable to do and about the safeword I must choose, and why I need this word. Some things I must do is always kneel when I come into a room where She is, make foot worship every time I present myself to Her, and never get up or look at Her or speak to Her until She allows it. I must always call Her "my Lady", "my Goddess", "Mistress Marisa" or "my Queen"; "my Lady" is what She likes best. She impressed to me that to be a proper sub is a very serious thing and that I must be sure that I want it. I told my Lady that I accept all of it and begged Her to teach me. From now I am to visit her 3-4 times each week for training and I must do well each time if I want to continue the training and testing.

October 10 2005
My Lady commanded me to visit Her Domain this evening and I was very excitied to go again. I brought Her a small box of candy as a gift and paid proper respect to Her without any mistakes. Then I got instructions to clean her bathrooms and kitchen, dust all furniture and iron Her clothes. I was happy to do this and very happy that I could touch Her clothes especially her panties and bras. I could finish all that in 90 minutes but when She checked everything She found dirt on the stove and on the bathtub and I had to say I was sorry many times, ask for punishment and receive my spanking and then clean it all again. I was sad to have failed to do well. After this She made a scene with me for more than one hour which was very hard. She tied me naked with rope with my arms and legs tied behind me and made me lie on my stomach while she spanked me and asked me questions about many things and punished me when I did not give the right answers, but I did not complain and when it was finished She told me again that I had been a 'good girl'; this made me feel happy. After this I could go home, and my Friend Belle came to pick me and take me back to the dorm.
October 11 2005
Mistress Marisa called me tonight gave me strange tasks to do: one was to open my desk and tell Her everything I have there in all details. Then I had to tell Her everything in the room like the bed, table, chairs, TV, pictures, books and all, and count my different clothes and tell Her the number and color. I do not understand why this is important for me to do but maybe it builds discipline for me and teaches me to really be submissive. At the end She gave me names of three women famous in B/D and told me to learn all there is to know about them because She will test me soon.

October 12 2005
Tonight I went to see Mistress Marisa for two hours of scene which was very difficult but I could stand it and never used the safeword. At the end of scene She seemed pleased with me and told me I may have the attitude to be a proper slave but I have very much to learn before She can be sure that I am worthy. She is willing to continue testing me and to show this She gave me a blue ankle band to wear which is called a Collar of Consideration. This means She has interest to continue the relationship with me. I only can keep the collar if I work hard and do well in all that She commands me to do in the weeks coming. I must visit Her 2-3 times every week to test if I still have proper will and attitude to learn. My Lady gave me a little metal tag for my collar with the sub name "Matahum" which means "beautiful" or "splendid" in the language of Cebu Island where She comes from in the Philippines. This is the name I will be known by when I am with Her.
October 18 2005
I had more testing with my Lady tonight but this was diferent than the others. One week before She had commanded me to study well about three famous B/D women.. Jewell Marceau, Jenni Lee and Bettie Page and to know all about their lives and work. I studied many websites and learned much information about them and when I had the test tonight I could answer every question my Lady put to me. She was surprised and very pleased with me for knowing it so well and She rewarded me by putting a vibrator inside me until I could cum very powerfully. Even after all these weeks it still is very hard to know all the many ways necesary to show proper discipline and respect when I am with Her. In the beginning I made many mistakes and had to be punished a lot but I am much better now thanks to my Lady's firmness and good teaching. But I still make mistakes sometimes and know I must do better but I have no friends to help me but me myself from what I can read on websites.

October 23 2005.
My slave training and testing is doing well I think and my mistakes and punishments much less each week. Most of my friends do not understand why I can be happy to accept punishment and to lose my power over my life but my roommate Om understands because I have been telling her everything that happens to me and now she becomes interested in it too.

October 31 2005

On October 26 I went to see my Lady for scene and instead of this She made a surprise ceremony to give me my green Training Collar and chain. It was a big thing in my life and made me more happy than I should be. I was taken by a Lady I did not know into a dark room that had a small table with a white candle and near the table was a stand with a metal bowl that had a fire in it. Five friends of my Lady were watching.. one man and four women. I had to kneel before the table and then my Lady came in with the collar and chain, and the man talked about the duties of a trainee and Mistress to each. He said the collar was sign of submission and the chain was a sign that my Lady would lead me through life to do what is best for me. Then I gave a gift of candy to my Lady and then She asked if I accepted the Training Collar and chain and what it means for me and I said yes. She moved the collar and chain over the fire to make them pure and then told me to take off the Collar of Consideration from my ankle and She put the new collar and chain on my neck. Then everyone hugged us and I was commanded to give wine and small cakes to everyone and then I sat at at my Lady's feet to serve Her while She talked with Her friends until everyone went home after one hour. After this, I was permitted for the first time to go with my Lady to her bed to have sex with Her; it was so wondewrful! Since the ceremony I have more energy to learn from Her how to behave and serve correctly.

November 3 2005
From today we have no university classes until November 7 when new term begins and this morning I could go for two hours to serve my Lady and learn. I cleaned Her bath rooms and kitchen and washed windows and helped Gliceria (Her black collar slave) to wash Her car and cut grass. Then I had to show what I had learned about Kinbaku, which is Japanese rope art. My Lady is expert with this because she is part Japanese by her father who was a soldier who stayed in the Philippines after World War 2. When I was finished She told me I was a 'good girl', and let me put my head on Her lap so She could touch my hair which made me very content. Before I went home I talked with Gliceria and she told me I had earned the green collar very quickly and this means my Lady is very pleased with me. Gliceria said if I work hard like before maybe I can have the black collar (the last collar) like hers very soon. I asked Gliceria if she is jealous that I am with her Lady and she said no because a slave exists only for service and is happy when her Mistress is happy. ..she accepts whatever our Lady does because that is the proper way. Gliceria said now I am like her little sister, which made me more happy.
November 5 2005
This morning I went to serve my Lady at her Domain for two hours. She made a scene with me for 30-40 minutes and I could accept all that She did to me without asking Her to stop even though it was painful for me. I wanted to be strong to show my merit and get Her slave collar soon but I do not know when this will happen. After scene I polished all the furniture in the house and washed and ironed Her clothes. Then I was given the job to tidy Her bedroom; this was honor for me because it is a special place. Then I was given job to make and serve lunch for my Lady and two of Her Domme friends. I stayed on my knees by the table and waited their requests for something and when lunch was finished I heard my Lady say to them 'Matahum is a very good sub', which made me feel very proud and happy. To give good service is the reward I should expect.
November 6 2005
Today is last day of short holiday before last half of university semester begins tomorrow and I went in the morning to play tennis with Om, Toy and Som and then we four went to have khao phat (fried rice) for our lunch. After we went to see the scfi movie Doom.. the big actor was The Rock. The movie was scary and at the really scary parts we all held hands and Om could not watch at all. Then I went to shop for shoes for an hour and after that I went to Baskin Robbins to meet Daneg and Buu, two high school girls, for ice cream. I have this idea to see if maybe those two girls will accept me to be their Mistress someday. After this went with Buu to her house to swim in her pool, and then came back to my room. Soon I will go to eat dinner and then go on lycos to look for people to chat to.
November 8 2005
Yesterday I went to visit my Lady to perform services for her like cleaning her house and washing her car. Also I was allowed to polish her shoes which is special honor. Before I went home She told me that Gliceria had been given in service to a Master in Chiang Rai, the second big city in the north. I am sad that Gliceria is gone but it is my Lady's wish and I am happy that now I am number 1 with my Lady. Now I wait to know what will happen with me. Today I had a great gift. My Thai father lives in Bangkok and even if we are not like real daughter and father I go to see him sometimes and he helps pay my university and gives me a little money when I need it. He has a girlfriend Tuu who is year older than me and we have been good friends since she started sleeping with him two years ago. Last week my father bought for Tuu a new 2005 Honda car and today she gave me her old Honda Dream 120 moped. Now I have way to go places without asking my friends or spending for taxi! I feel more free like a bird now. My friend Belle did not come back to start the new term yesterday. She was invited during the short holiday to visit that Japanese girl Mikko in Tokyo and she wrote that she will stay with that girl for a while to study Japanese and will sacrifice this study term.

November 10 2005
Tonight I went to my Lady's house and washed, dried and brushed Her hair, painted Her toe and finger nails, and dressed Her for going out. She took me in Her car to to a restaurant on Silom Road where She had dinner with two Domme friends, Mistress Amberly and Mistress Femina and to show me to Them. These two Ladies are with The House of Midori a very famous and expensive Bangkok house of domination. The owner Mistress Midori has a website and anyone can go to GOOGLE and find it and know more about Her House. I sat behind my Lady and served Her by doing all the little things I could like putting food on her plate, filling her wine glass, lighting Her cigarettes and small things like that. I had read about Mistress Amberly and Mistress Femina on that website and it was thrilling to see and hear Them talking for real about B/D things. I was not allowed to eat but when my Lady was driving us to Her house, She stopped and let me eat at a sidewalk food stand.. it was past 10pm and I was so hungry.

November 11 2005
Today classes are finished for the week and I have nothing to do the weekend except what my Lady commands. I requested Her permission to spend tomorrow with my father and Tuu his "little wife", and my Lady said yes. Tomorrow my father will drive Tuu and me to a fancy resort one hour from Bangkok, and Tuu and I will swim and sun bathe while he plays golf. Then he will take us to a nice dinner at the resort and then bring me home in the evening. I enjoy visiting my father like this because it is a chance to be with Tuu. She gets bored with him and enjoys the chance to be with me because she and me were lovers before I went to Mistress Marisa. At the resort Tuu and I can hold hands and touch each other in the pool which is better than not doing anything together. On Sunday I go to serve my Lady all day.

November 17 2005
I am happy to have a new Lycos friend like marycarey. Last night I went with my Lady to the Shelter, a bar for Dee and Tom girls that is also popular with B/D people. They have a live Tom band that plays Thai and Western pop music. At this bar my Lady met some of her friends like Empress Lucy and Mistress Amberly. I served my Lady and was happy to listen to these Mistresses talking and learning from them. I had big surprise when my Lady took me to dance with her! It such powerful feeling when She touches me. I hope to have Her power someday when I am older.

December 5 2005
Two days ago my Mistress sent me to the domain of Mistress Midori to show Her and Her four sister Dommes the art of Shibari and Kinbaku. I am to go there 2-3 evenings in the week to make demonstrations of it and I was allowed to bind some of their clients who want this practice done in real authentic Japanese manner like I know it. It is exciting for me to be in real B/D atmosphere like the House of Midori and to watch and learn new skills from these five professional Mistresses.

December 10 2005
Some wonderful things happened to me the past week. Two days ago I earned my black slave collar and I was very proud that I could accept all the tasks and do well in them to earn this honor. It was a lovely ceremony.. very full of emotion. I came to the ceremony in white gown and with a white rose as sign that I am like a virgin offering myself to Her. She came in a red dress with a red rose and stood by a table with one white and one red candle and near the table was a metal pot with a fire burning in it. The Mistress of Ceremony talked about meaning of the black collar and how I am to trust my Lady to lead me safely through life and how I must obey Her in everything. I was commanded to stick my finger with a thorn from my rose to bring drops of blood and then to put two drops of blood on my white rose. My Lady did the same to her finger with Her rose and She put one drop of her blood on top of my blood drop and another drop of Her blood above my other blood drop. Then we put the cut parts of our fingers together to mix our blood as sign that Her life and my life are mixed now. Some witnesses took a silver chain and passed it in the fire to make it pure then put it around my Lady and me as another sign that we are as one person. Then everyone hugged us and there was champagne and cakes for all and I sat at my Lady's feet to serve her and take congratulations from all. After one hour of party everyone went home and my lady took me to Her bedroom for the honeymoon just like married people have. It was wonderful sex and now I wear the collar all the time even in class as sign that I have done something special in my life.

December 23 2005
As a special gift for my Lady for accepting me as a slave, two days after the collar ceremony I brought two young girls Buu and Aor to Her to offer them as new subs for my Lady's pleasure. These girls knew all about my sub training and wanted to do it too and I helped them to prepare to know proper courtesy and behavior so they could make a good impression on my Lady. My Lady was pleased with them and Buu already has earned the green collar of consideration and Aor will, get it soon too I am sure. This is my payment to my Lady for Her time and work to discipline me and make me a worthy slave. Now I am free to think about other paths to go in my life

20 December 2005

Today I received my freedom from my Lady and now can let the Dominant side of my nature be free. My Lady was first annoyed with me when I told her that I would leave Her but She ws better with it when I told Her I was not leaving Her for another Mistress... I was leaving to become a Mistress hopefully like Her and to use what She taught me to help other young girls to develop into mature young women. I am more happy now and I have three girls Daeng, Mila and Goh under my protection to train them to serve me. In truth, I started to play the Mistresss to them more than one month ago and this worried me because I knew I was being unfaithful to Her, but I could not deny this part of me that wanted to dominant. I know that because I trained hard and won my slave collar I can be a very good Mistress to my girls and give them benefit of my slave experience. I enjoy this new Domme life and enjoy most my responsibility to guide my girls and make them better persons. They work very hard and please me in many ways and I am happiest I have been so far in my life. In maybe one month I can join Mistress Midori and Her four Dommes to perform as a Nawashi for them with their clients. They need my skills in Shibari and Kinbaku and I hope to learn more about BDSM and also to earn something to help me take care of my girls. I worry that I have time to go to university, care for my subs and do that work with Mistress Midori but I am determined to try and do it well. I think that when I grauate university and find a job I will continue as professional Mistress to share my skills with those who want it.
December 22 2005
This afternoon I took my three young subs to hair dresser to have their hair washed and cut and to get manicures. This pleased them very much and I feel good to be taking good care of them like a proper Mistress. Mistress Nurie called me and said for me to stay patient and maybe soon I can return to work with Her and Her sister Dommes. I hope so because I want this experience from them. They have the most famous House of Domination in Thailand and to have my name with their names will be very good for me. I am so lucky to come so far in so short time in BDSM but I had much help from my friends here also from my best Lycos friend Tony Lord in the UK who gives me good advice and much encouragement . Tonight I am choosing sub names for my three girls to put on small tag on their collars. Daeng I will call "Chaam" which means delicious in Thai; Mila I will call "Hee" which is cute name for girl's private part. Goh I still can not decided her name yet... something to fit her as she really is, to tell what a devoted and loving sub she is. I want to change my lycos name to Mistress_Annette but I do not want to lose my rank that I earned so hard for 8 months even if my Ann_bi_Thai name does not really describe me to be the changed woman I am right now.
December 23 2005
This was another very important day for me.. maybe most important in my life because I had my first bondage client come to me. My gf Tuu, who has a flat and gave me one room to prepare as my Domain, knows a woman who is about 43 and works as assistant bank manager. This woman is very submissive and very lonely because her husband has not touched her sexually in 5-6 years and she is looking for excitement and satisfaction in bondage/domination. Tuu told this woman about me and she came to see me this afternoon to discuss about my service and she agreed to come to me for two hours for Baht 4,000. This money is not half so much as other Mistresses earn in Thailand but it is a start for me and I accepted to take her. I used all my Shabari and Kinbaku skills and Domminatrix technique to make it very good for her. Afterward when she came safely down from her high she said she was very happy and said she will come back often. I am hoping she will tell friends and bring them to me. If I can have 1 or 2 like her each week then I can have money I need to buy new BDSM things for my Domain and to take proper care of my subs: like buy them clothing, beauty treatments, jewelery, take them to movies and to eat and all the other things a proper Mistress does for her subs.
December 25 2005
Today I went to celebrate my birthday with lunch and little party with my gf's Toy and Som and Ae and two other girls in our university. Today is Toy's birthday and mine was December 10 but we decided to have one big party for the two of us. I bought gold earrings for Toy and she went together with Som and had special made for me beautiful black leather gloves that go up to my elbow.. something I can wear when I dress as a Mistress. I also got wild red panties and matching bra from Ae and perfume and bath powder from the other girls. We bought many bottles of SPY COOLER (like a fizzing wine) to drink in Toy's room and we all got a little high and danced and laughed and then we took off some clothes to show our bodies and we enjoyed to see Toy and Som being so affectionate to one another on the floor. Later my three subs called me to wish me happy birthday... this was a good day for me.

December 27
After classes today I went to Tuu's house to have scenes with my subs.. they would go everyday for scenes if I commanded it but I do not have so much time to give them this attention because these days I must study for exams in all my subjects. This afternoon I gave Goh the tag for her ankle collar with her sub name "Dorei", which is Japanese for "slave". She was thrilled to have it and have that name. I gave that name to her because she shows most promise of earning the black slave collar before the others even if she started much later than Daeng and Mila. Goh woships me and I can see it in her eyes and this pleases me very much.
December 29 2005
This evening I took my three subs Daeng, Goh and Mila to Swenson for ice cream. I wanted to see again how they would behave in public with me. Also, because I earned my first money as a Dominatrix, I wanted to give my girls more attention and care. All three subs did very well at the ice cream shop and they made me proud. They showed proper respect and each tried to know what I wanted before I would have to say it, like getting me another glass of water or clean napkin and like that. Goh is the best at anticpating what I need and for this she has a special place in my heart. My girls also made me proud by ignoring some flirty boys in the shop who tried to catch their eye and they never let any attention go from me to anything else. When we finished ice cream, I took Goh on my moped and Daeng took Mila on her's and we took those two girls home. Before they went inside, they kissed my hand and I kissed them on the forehead and praised them for being good girls. Then Daeng followed me to her house and this goodnight was repeated with her. Tonight I will sleep very well knowing that I can be proud of my three subs and what I have done to make them happy and better in their submissive life.
January 2 2006
I had a nice New Years eve. From 4-7pm I had a little party with my three subs.. I bought gold earrings for each as gift to show my love for them and to show them I want to have them with me this new year. I took us to a nice restaurant and we went to a small private room to eat Chinese duck and many other good things and I took a bottle of champagne for them to have their first taste of it. They liked it a lot Best of all they remembered their place and were very respectful of me and served me well. After that party I went out with Toy, Som, Ae and two other university girls to a club to have drinks and food and listen to music and wait for New Years. It was very noisy but happy and midnight we drank champagne and hugged and kissed. After the party I went to stay the night with Toy and Som in their room. They let me join in their love and it was very romantic and pleasing.

January 4 2006
I spent this afternoon with a Tom (same as Butch or Dyke) that I used to date in highschool in Chiang Mai. I had not seen her for almost two years. She came down to Bangkok for New Years and called me to go out to ride with her on her new motorcycle. I was fascinated with her when I was in high school because she was older (like 23) and she had a big 800cc Kawasaki and the back leather suit and boots and looked so cool. I enjoyed to see jealous looks from my highschool friends when she came to take me riding after school. Pom, that is her name, now has a black 2003 Kawasaki 800 Vulcan Classic and she looks so hot on it. When I have my first real salary job I will buy a Kawasaki like hers. We rode almost one hour out of Bangkok into the countryside and off the road into some little woods and stayed for some time to talk and make love again. For me, Tom love is not as enjoyable as Dee love but it was Ok. Tonight Pom will take me to Leather, a club on Patpong Road that is the favorite for Toms like her who ride big motorcycles, and we will have drinks and dance and talk more.
January 20 2006
I could not write in my diary for many weeks because my pc crashed three weeks ago and I still did not have it fixed... so I come to cyber cafes to do emails and chat.Also I have been busy with studies and being Mistress to three clients: the Thai woman and now a Japanese man and a Japanese girl. I am lucky to have three coming to me so soon. The Japanese man (Akihiro, he is about 50) used to go to the House of Midori where I was like apprentice for some weeks and Mistress Midori allowed me to perform kinbaku (Japaese rope art) on him.. he liked it so much that he started to come to me for that and then for everything in B/D and then he told some of his close friends of my service, and one was a Japanese girl (Utada, she is 26) who started comng to me. Now Utada says she will bring another Japanese girl to me for B/D...I hope I have time and strength to do everything.
Three weeks ago Pom, my Tom (Dyke) friend, paid for me to fly to Chiang Mai so I could go with her on a trip to Mae Hong Song with a group of other Thai and Farang Toms who ride motorcycles.. the club is called Dykes on Bikes and they come together once a month to ride somewhere on weekened for pleasure. There were about 15 bikers and each Tom came with a girfriend, so there were maybe 30 girls in all on the trip. We had a good time especially when we were riding fast in the mountain roads. I was glad to go to Chiang Mai to see Pom because I could also visit my mother who lives there. But I had one big problem. The first night, Pom took me to my mother's house so I could stay the night there and my mother saw me kissing Pom goodbye on the mouth. Mother was very angry that I was messing with a Tom but she will forget it I hope. She does not know I am Dee and she thinks I will marry someday and have babies for her to love. The big news is that on the bike trip I met an Australian dyke, her name is Pamela, who is really lovely. She is tall, slender, blond with blue eyes. She comes from Cairns and is an English teacher in a highschool in Chiang Rai which is a city not far from Chiang Mai. I could tell she was interested in me same as I was in her because we were always looking at each other the whole time. Everytime I flirted with Pamela her girlfriend gave me dirty looks but that is the girl's problem if she cannot keep her Tom happy. We gave each other our phone numbers and she will call me sometime... I am thrilled to have this new Australian friend and she says she will visit me in Bangkok soon.
January 26 2006
For the past week I have been very busy with study, with my B/D clients and my subs. But now I have only two subs.. Daeng and Goh. The other sub, Mila, I had to send away from me for bad behavior. Three days ago one of my friends saw Mila coming out of a short-time love motel with some boy. I put this to her and at first she denied it but then she admitted it is true that she has been sneaking out and sleeping with boys behind my face for two months. I was very angry and took away her collar and sent her away from me forever. The next day she came to my room early in the morning to cry and beg me to take her back but I said I have no time for disloyal subs. Now I have but two subs, Goh and Daeng, and they know what happened to Mila and this was a is good lesson for them. With that lesson I think they will serve me with all their heart and both will have good chance to finally earn my collar and be ringed.

Another big problem that takes much time is how can I do a special scene for my client Utada. Like many Japanese girls she likes Bukkake. This is a very typical Japanese erotic sex act where maybe 10-20 boys come together to masurbate on a girl's face to give her the biggest high she can get. I am having much trouble to find enough boys who can provide this service for me. But my gf Toy solved some of this problem by getting 6 of her very close gay friends to help me... they do not want salary for this, I only must take them to dinner sometimes. I need to find 4 more boys to make 10 in all to have really proper bukkake scene. Toy is helping with this too and she thinks she can find them for me soon but it will be so hard to get all 10 together at the same time for a proper Bukkake. But Toy says those boys will do anything for her and I think it can work OK. Utada comes for a scene tomorrow with Bukkake as the lst part of it. It will be the first time I have made this and I am nervous about it, hoping it is done properly like it is done in Japan.
January 31 2006
I am much relieved the weekend is over. I could not sleep for two nights before because of worry about the Bukkake scene I must do with Utada. But it was very good even with only six boys there to provide service for her. She really enjoyed it and she had the biggest high I ever saw... it took 15-20 minutes for her to come down from it before she was normal again. She wants this regularly. I told her that next time I am expecting to have 10 boys for her and that for Bukkake I must charge Baht 8,000 for two hours. She is Ok with that because that is very little money for a Japanese salary girl. She has a Japanese co-worker girlfriend who is into B/D and bukkake too and she will tell that girl about my service and will arrange for her to contact me to discuss having scenes with me. Maybe soon I will have four B/D clients... this is better than my wildest dreams when I started this last December. I feel much better that I can earn my own money and have not to depend on my American stepfather and real Thai father or Tuu for money. Now I have the money to be a proper Mistress to my two subs and take care of them and buy things for myself.

February 1 2006
Tonight I was invited to visit the House of Midori, the most famous House of Domination in Thailand.... they wanted me to come again to work with them but not as apprentice as before. This time I would be like one of their staff and would come 3-4 nights in the week for 2 hours each night to perform Kinbaku and Shibari on their clients. It was big honor to be asked and it would be wonderful for my reputation to have my name, Mistress Annette, on their website but I had to refuse because I have too much to do already: my university studies, my two subs and my three and soon four B/D clients. It was hard to say no to Mistress Midori but I had no way to find the time. But maybe I can help one of her staff, Mistress Nurie, once in while with my rope skills. I would do this because She is my very good friend and because She agreed to be Mistress of Ceremony this Saturday Feb 4 when I collar and ring my best sub Goh. I am sure Mistress Nurie will make the ceremony very nice and something Goh will remember all her life. This weekend has another big event for me... my Australian dyke friend Pamela from Chiang Rai is coming to Bangkok on Sunday morning to see me. She will fly and so will not have her motor cycle which is disappointment for me because I was hoping to ride with her but maybe she will rent a bike here and we can go out of the city for fun and clean air and a good ride. She can only stay 12 hours before she must go back to Chiang Rai but I am happy for that time with her to get to know her well. I was never with a Farang (foreign) dyke before and I am excited to know how it will be with her and me as she is so lovely and blonde.
February 8 2006
My best sub Goh was collared and ringed at Tuu's flat at 10am Saturday. It was a beautiful ceremony with much emotion for everyone. My best friends Tuu, Om, Toy and Som were there to watch it. Also Mistress Nurie and one of her co-workers at House of Midori were there also. Mistress Nurie helped me so much to prepare everything and she really arranged the ceremony for us. Mistress Nurie also brought two of her collared girls to be attendants to Goh. Their job was to prepare her for the ceremony. Mistress Nurie brought Mistress Amberley too because I met Mistress Amberley when I was a sub of Mistress Marisa. I went to pick up Goh at 9:30 and brought her to the flat on my moped and when we got to the flat Mistress Nurie's slaves took Goh to the bathroom to shampoo her and bathe her and also to douche her for the ring part of the ceremony. They rubbed her with sweet smelling body oils then dressed her in white like a bride and put sweet smelling flowers all in her hair. When she came out to us in bare feet and dressed like that and carrying a white rose and white candle, she looked so lovely and pure like virgin bride. There was music of Swan Lake ballet playing and it started with Mistress Nurie talking about duties of Mistress to a slave and slave to a Mistress. The main things she said was that Goh must obey me in everything and I must protect and guide Goh in her life so she can be the best she can be. Then Mistress Nurie asked Goh if she loved me enough to accept pain and to be marked for all her life by my ring in her most sacred place. Goh said yes without showing fear and she was made to lie down on the table. One slave held her hands and the other held her legs so when I put through the needle Goh would not move and maybe make me injure her more. I held the needle in the fire to make it pure and clean and then I cleaned her labia with antiseptic and put some cold spray on so she would not have much pain and put through the needle. Goh did not cry or anything and I was very proud of her. Then I put in a gold ring with a small gold tag that had the name Goh on one side and Ann on the other side. When the ringing was done, we could finish the ceremony for putting on the collar. Mistress Nurie lighted our candles and Goh put white wax drops on her rose and I put my red candle drops on top of her drops to show I am superior to her but that we are joined to be one. Then Mistress Nurie took a needle and stuck Goh's finger and my finger to make us bleed a little and we put the two cuts together to mix our blood to show that we are one person now and then we wiped the mixed blood on our roses to keep for souvenirs. Then I commanded Goh to take off the training collar and Mistress Nurie put the silver slave collar and chain in the fire to make them pure and then gave them to me, and I put the collar and chain on Goh.. The collar is beautiful and looks like a hill tribe necklace so Goh can wear it everywhere. Then Mistress Nurie put the chain around Goh and me to show we are connected and Goh and I kissed. I thanked everyone and then we had had champagne and cakes served to everyone by Goh and the other collared girls. The party lasted until before noon and then everyone said goodbye and hugged Goh and me and they left us alone. We stayed together in bed almost two hours making love to make conssumation of our relationship until I had to take her home because my new Japanese client, Akiko comes for her first scene at 4pm.

The scene with Akiko was her first with me and it went very well I think because before we had discussed what she wanted and I had a good program prepared for her that finished with bukkake with 5 boys, all I could get on Saturday evening because most had their own plans that time. She was very happy and satisfied. After the scene I could shower and relax for two hours before I had to go to the airport at 9:30pm to meet my Australian dyke friend Pamela who was coming from Chiang Rai. She had planned to come Sunday morning because she had a night tutoring class she had to do on Saturday night, but she got another teacher to do it and so was free to come a day early, which had me very happy. We went to the hotel where she had a room and we stayed together all night. When Pamela undressed I was very surprised. When she is dressed she looks like she has no breasts. But what she does is wrap her chest with a wide cloth to push her breasts flat to look like a man. When she took off the cloth, I saw that she had normal breasts and they could fill out a little to make her look more like a woman.

We woke up 8am about and went for breakfast and then she went to rent a 500cc bike and we rode for two hours out of Bangkok where there were country roads with little traffic and we could go very fast.. it was much fun. We had lunch at a resort and then we rode back to Bangkok to Lumpini Park to walk and talk until it was time to go back to her hotel for more sex until it was time for checkout and to take back her bike and for me to take her to the airport at 6:30pm for her flight back to Chiang Rai. It was nice to play submissive to her for a day and I want to see her again, and I told her this and she wants to see me again, which makes it perfect.

February 10 2006
Tuesday Putsadee my Thai lady client came for scene again. Each time she is happier when we finish and is more ready to try something new and I can see she feels better about her life situation (she is ignored by her husband and married children) and I feel very satisfied that my B/D skill can make good change in her. Akihiro my Japanese man client came Thursday. He comes almost every week now. I hope he can bring me another client from the Japanese people working here.Yesterday I got letter from Mai, a gf who I put in my Lycos profile long time ago to help her find a nice foreign guy. She connected with a UK guy Jeff and went in September 2005 to stay with him in Singapore where he works for Barclays Bank. Mai said she is 2 months pregnant and she and Jeff will marry on Valentine Day this year. I am so happy for her that she can leave her hard life and find happiness and a baby with Jeff. Tonight I had dinner at restaurant with Mistress Nurie and Mistress Amberly of the House of Midori and I took my just collared Goh for the first time to attend to us as a proper slave. Those Ladies were very impressed with her and I was also and very proud that I could take a silly girl like her and make her so obedient

February 14 2006
This Valentine Day was busy. I had classes in morning and made scenes in the afternoon with my Thai woman client and after this my Japanese girl client Utada came to me for her second scene. My collared sub Goh could finish her school in time to come help me with Utada.. it was her first time to see and be involved with a real B/D scene and she was so excited. Goh learns quickly and she was big help to me and not shy to take part as I commanded. Now I have 3 Japanese and 1 Thai coming for B/D with me. Knowing Kinbaku and Shibari very well helps me so much and to be able to provide Bukkake also makes it even better for me. I was thinking all day of Mai and her Jeff who were to be married today in Singapore and thinking of the baby she carries inside her now. I am so happy for her and proud I could make possible for her to have this new life. I must thank Lycos also because without it maybe it would not happen for Mai. After making the scenes and having bed time with my slave Goh Iwent to a cyber cafe to do emails and chat with Tony my Lycos friend and with Loli my Spanish MSN friend.
February 20 2006
So busy all this week that I had no time to log to Lycos or MSN to chat with friends, especailly with Loli my Spanish gf in Madrid. I was busy because I had four big exams in English, Spanish and business admin, also B/D scenes three times with clients, caring for my two girls, and seeing my friends Mistress Nurie and Mistress Amberly for dinner 2 times to listen to their suggestions that I come to join their staff at Hosue of Midori. They think I should stop my university studies for 1-2 years and spend my time with building my B/D business and also to come work with them 3-4 evenings in the week. They say to join House of Midori will be so good for my Mistress reputation and I can learn much more and someday have my own big House of Domination. Part of me wants to do what they say but part of me says if I leave my university studies I may never come back to it. What to do?
My exams were good as I got from 92 to 97 on all of them. My scenes had excellent results too and my clients are very happy with me as I fill their needs very well. My Thai lady client who is 45 years old knows I can provide bukkake service and she has seen porn video of it and she wants to try it for the experience. I will talk to her more to make sure she is ready for that. My collared and ringed slave Goh is becoming a real treasure for me and I delight in her when she is serving me. She is so eager to serve and please me and she makes me feel like teenager again but I must not let her know that she has this effect to me. My other sub Daeng wants my collar and ring very very much and I think she deserves it but I have no time these past 2-3 weeks to make a proper ceremony for it. This is one thing I must do soon and I will ask Mistress Nurie and Mistress Amberly to help arrange it like they did for Goh's ceremony.

Saturday my Australian dyke friend Pamela came to Bangkok for her own business and I could find 4 hours to spend with her. I enjoyed submitting myself to her and she pleased me more more than ever before in my life with any other girl (or guy). She has a really cool strap-on very different from any I ever saw for real or in websites. It is a Japanese strap-on with a dildo of hard jell that is soft enough to be comfortable for me and that can heat and vibrate with electricity. When she enteres me with it I feel like it must feel to be in Heaven with Angles. Pamela is so expert with it and does it better than anyone I ever knew. Ig is hard for me to give her the same big pleasure with my mouth and tongue but I try hard and I think she enjoys me very much too.
March 24 2006
My life is so unbelievably busy now everyday with university studies, taking care of my two slaves and most of all being Mistress of my little House of Domination that for a month I had no time to write in my Blog. My Mistress duties get bigger almost every week and take more and more time from me so that I almost have no time for sleeping or eating like a normal person. Now I have 9 clients (I call them my bottoms). One is a man and the rest are women and next week I must find time for my 10th bottom who is another girl in my university. My friends say I am too busy and someday maybe will get ill from nerves or something worse but I am so happy to do what I am doing and I have to be strong and enjoy my Mistress life while I have this chance.

This is what my life is like now. On Monday, Wednesday and Friday I have classes all day 8am to 4pm and I wake up at 6:30am to bathe, to dress and sometimes study for exam, and then run to eat a fast breakfast and then go to classes without break. I have lunch and then back to classes all afternoon until 4pm and then I rush back to my room to receive my slaves Goh and Daeng who come almost everyday after they finish their school. I see them often because they are very young and need guidance so they can stay true in serving me and to grow to be everything I expect. For maybe one hour they worship me, tidy my room or wash my clothes, they receive training and punishment and correction for mistakes and if they have been good girls I let them make love to me until they must go home about 5:30pm to eat and do homework. If I have a scene with a bottom (now I have them many nights or days in the week) then I go out to eat fast bowl of rice porridge or fried rice from a sidewalk foodcart and rush on my moped to my girlfriend Tuu's flat to make my playroom ready for a scene beginning usually 7/8pm and lasting two hours. If the scene is very intense and the bottom finishes really high I usually must stay with her 20-30 minutes more until she comes down safely. Now it can be 9:30-10:30pm before I am free to go to have little snack and cocktail to relax before going back to my room to maybe study for one hour or two for next day classes and maybe for an exam.

Every Tuesday and Thursday my schedule is maybe more busy. I have classes all morning from 8am to 12 noon and then usually I must rush to have 5-10 minute lunch at a sidewalk foodcart and go by moped to be at the flat before 1pm so I can prepare everything to meet a bottom for an afternoon scene from usually 2pm to 4pm; my slaves usually come to the flat after their school to clean and tidy after the scene. Somedays they can leave school at 3pm and can be there to help me with the last 30 minutes of scene which is good for them because they see bondage and domination technique that are new to them and they become more accepting to go past their old limits to try them with me which makes our relationship more exciting. When the scene is over my slaves tidy everything to prepare for the next scene sometimes the same night beginning about 7pm or 8pm and after they finish this work there is time for them to worship me and to be trained and for me to punish and correct problems, then I send them home for their supper and to do their school homework and I go to have my supper nearby the flat and then rush back again to do the scene. After the bottom leaves sometimes as late as 10:30pm I must clean and tidy the playroom alone unless Tuu is there to help and then by 11pm I can leave the flat and stop somewhere like the Vega Club for a drink and small snack to relax and maybe chat with Mistress Nurie or Mistress Amberley who sometimes go there to relax after their work. We talk about scenes we did and how to make them better for our bottoms, which is really good for me; I learn so much from talking to them. Then maybe at midnight I go back to my residence hall and usually must study for exam or class exercise next day and then I go to bed often after 1am or 2am. Some nights I have only 4 hours sleep before I must wake next morning to start all over again.

If I have no evening scene to do sometimes I pick-up one or both of my slaves after their supper if they have no homework and take them to the flat for them to make a complete cleaning and tidying of every thing... the playroom, the equipment and the also Tuu's rooms (to thank for letting me use her flat for my playroom). I must check everything my slaves clean and there is always fault to find and punishment and correction to make before every thing is 100% as I want it. I try to punish a little every time because it increases their feeling of submission which is good for their minds. Usually one evening a week I take them to Vega Club to dance with me and buy them a drink and food, or take them shopping to buy them cosmetics, clothes, jewelery and things like that, or take them to a movie or take them to a restaurant to attend me while I eat and talk with my Mistress friends. It is good training for my slaves to be in presence of other Mistresses and attend them, and going to these places with me is a reward to them for good behavior all week.

When I am not doing any of those things, I must find time to study for two hours almost every night, mostly to learn new English and Spanish vocabulary/grammar and business administration subjects. Because my computer is many times fucked up with a virus I have to go to a cyber cafe for 15-20 minutes maybe 2 nights each week to log to my emails and if I have time I make a quick check on MSN and Lycos Chat but now I never see anyone because the time difference is so big from here to USA and Europe. So, I have almost no chance to chat and also often the cafe computers are being used and I waste time waiting for one to open for me.

Also I am like a big sister to Om my roommate and almost every night or morning I must listen to her lovelife problems and try to give advice. She cannot decide if she likes boys or girls best and she always goes back to some boy even if she knows he will treat her like shit and use her just for sex. I already introduced her to 2-3 nice Dee girls but she likes cocks too much to stop involving with boys who always leave her unhappy when they get what they want and leave her. Before, I could not under stand why Om wanted boys and their cocks and I would get very cross with her when she would give herself to some selfish guy and not give herself to a loving Dee. But now I am starting to feel different about it because I remember how it was for me when I very young and dating boys and enjoying sex with them, and now I understand Om's feeling more. Maybe it is because I have nude guys coming to do Bukakke with some of my bottoms and I am surprised that to see those guys and their cocks sometimes gives me excited feelings like Om has. I thought I was finished with guys forever but now this is happening to me. Can I be really bi-sex deep in my heart?

April 2 2006
I think I may not have a Lycos profile much more.. I checked it few days before and the Navigator censored/cut six pics of me and my friends... this is second time for that! The pics were not naughty at all, just pics of us with everyday street clothes! Maybe soon lycos will tell me my profile and diary is not vanilla enough for them and they will censor my writing too. Any way I have no time to worry about this now and Lycos can do what it wants and to hell with them.

Mistress Exotia, a Lycos freind, writes me emails and takes Her precious time to give me good advice and suggestions. She is the only Mistress on Lycos who writes to me and helps me to be a better Dominatrix to my bottoms. She said that I did not put enough importance on foot worship in my scenes but I have corrected it already and now foot worship begins every scene (also I do it with my slaves) and I can see a big difference in my bottoms behavior and in the power I have over them. I have very much to learn and always appreciate very much help She gives me. Her new slave Jenny looks so lovely and feminine and submissive and her red hair is so sexy. She is so lucky to belong to Her and I think She must enjoy Jenny very much!

Everyone has been telling me for long time that it is not fair for me to keep Daeng waiting so long for her slave collar but I have been too busy to arrange it as it should be. But finally I had time Wednesday evening (March 29) to have the collar and ring ceremony for Daeng. It was at Tuu's flat and the Mistress of Ceremony was Mistress Nurie who also did it for my slave Goh. My best girl friends Om, Toy, Ae, Tuu and Som came again to watch this ringing and collaring because the one for Goh was very romantic and they wanted to see it again. Mistress Amberley was there also and brought her slave Noi to help my slave Goh to prepare Daeng: to shampoo and bathe and douche her, to shave all her body hair, to rub her with oil, put on her make-up and paint her finger and toe nails, fix her hair with jasmine flowers and dress her in a long white gown. These things were done so Daeng would feel very special and would remember that day all her life.

I wore a sexy long red gown very low in front to show some of my breasts (I like to be naughty sometimes) and had flowers in my hair also. The ceremony room was dark with curtains pulled shut and there was a CD of Swan Lake Ballet playing and scent candles burning to give a wonderful smell and atmosphere. The slaves brought Daneg into the room in her bare feet and she was carrying a white rose and white candle. She was very lovely. Mistress Nurie talked maybe 10 minutes in a serious manner all about the duties in a Mistress/slave relationship. What She said was Daeng must honor and obey me in every thing and I must protect, guide and be sure Daeng lacks nothing to grow in spirit and in service to me and to be happy. She asked if we accept this big responsibility and we said yes.

Then came the big test of Daeng's devotion to me, that she would let me pierce her most sacred place to put my gold slave ring as sign she belongs to me. She knew from talking to Goh what would happen and she had no fear and she laid herself on the table and pulled up her dress. I put antiseptic and numbing medicine on that place on her labia so she would not have infection or much pain and then the two slaves held her hands and feet to keep her from moving while I put through the needle. She got tears in her eyes but she was a good girl and did not make a sound. I put in the gold slave ring with a small gold tag that had "Annette" on one side and "Daeng" on the other side so that when she is alone in her bed or in the shower she can touch the tag or see our names and know she belongs to me and that I love her.

When this was done Mistress Nurie lighted our candles, I had a red one, and she told Daeng to put two wax drops from her white candle on her white rose and then I put red candle drops on top of her white drops as a sign I am superior but joined with her. Mistress Nurie then took a knife and put a little cut on my finger and Daeng's finger to bring blood and we each one put one or two drops of our blood in a glass of champagne on the ceremony table. Then I put my cut finger on Daeng's cut finger to mix our blood together and then we wiped the mixed blood on my red rose and on her white rose and Mistress Nurie pressed the roses in a book to dry and keep for our memories. I told Daeng to remove her training collar and Mistress Nurie put the silver slave collar and chain over a fire to make them pure and gave them to me to put on Daeng. The collar is silver and has a little lock and I told Daeng to lock it and give me the key as sign she submits her life and body to me. I put the key on my necklace that has the key for Goh. Mistress Nurie wrapped the chain around me and Daeng to show we are connected together and then she gave us the glass of champagn with our blood in it and I and Daeng drank the champagne and blood as sign of committment, then I and Daeng kissed and everyone cheered and clapped hands.

Afterwards, we had a party with champagne and cake served to everyone by the three slaves. At 8pm everyone left the flat but Goh stayed to prepare me and Daeng for the honeymoon. We went to the bedroom and Goh and Daeng paid respect by worshiping and kissing my feet and then Goh undressed me and then undressed Daeng and then she prepared the bed for us and lighted 6 or 7 big white candles that had scent of jasmine flowers and put them around the bedroom to make it very romantic. Goh went to the living room and I took Daeng to bed to drink more champagne and then to cuddle and make love for maybe one hour. It was my first time with her in maybe 6-7 months. I had dated her about a year ago but when I became a Mistress and took her to train as my slave it was not proper to let her have sex with me anymore until she earned her collar, so for both of us it was very special. While we were making love Daeng said many times how much she worships me. This made me very happy and proud!

April 5 2006
Many friends like Lindsey and Emma and Carole write to ask how did I find Daeng and Goh and if I will look for more slaves. When I first came to university I used to go to a ice cream shop not so far away that is near to a school. Many school kids go to that shop to hang out and one day I met Daeng there and I thought she was so cute. I took her for movie dates and on the third date she let me fuck her and I enjoyed her a lot and I dated her maybe once a month after that until I became a Mistress and I took her to train as my slave. Part of her training was to find other girls in her school who might suit to serve me. She found four, Goh, Mila, Aor and Buu and brought them to me. But when I started my B/D business these five girls were too many for me to care for so after one month I gave Buu and Aor to Mistress Marisa to thank Her for training me and later I had to send Mila away when I found out she was sneaking behind my face to sleep with boys. So now I have just Goh and Daeng.

Everyone also wants to know how are my studies since I work so hard. Thammasat is same as always.. I go to classes and go to eat with same faces all the time. My studies are hard and take so much time to prepare well. Four weeks ago I had four big exams in English, Spanish and business admin and got high marks on all. I am very happy with that but sometimes I get bored with study and I have the idea to quit university for a time to do my B/D business full time. I am much more happy when I am living 100% as Mistress Annette and dominating my bottoms and making them satisfied. Mistress Nurie and Mistress Amberly see me or call me 3-4 times a week and they want me to stop university for 2 years and join their House as full time Mistress. They say this will be so good for my Mistress training and my reputation. Part of me wants to do it but part of me says if I leave university now I may never come back to it and then I will have a hard time to find a good job in the vanilla world with chance to work and travel in other countries. What to do?

Everybody also asks about my best girlfriend Belle why she does not go on MSN anymore. Well, she dropped from university this term to go to Japan to shack with a cute Japanese pussy she met here. She has the 'Japanese virus' more than me. She is very happy in Tokyo .. she is getting great sex with that girl and is learning very good Japanese 3-4 hours each day from a private tutor and her girlfriend pays for everything! Lucky Belle. She says she will come back to university in November 2006 to start the new term and will change studies to Japanese and business and I think with excellent Japanese she already has she will have the best chance to get a really good job when she graduates. But I think Belle loves her Japanese girlfriend very much and maybe she will change her mind and try to stay with her and make a new life with her in Tokyo. I cannot blame her because I have seen her girlfriend and she is lovely.

I thave good news about Mai the sweet young girl I used to date sometimes who is living with her UK boyfriend in Singapore. Two months ago she wrote that she is 2 months pregnant and that they will marry on Valentines Day. Well, I got another letter from her last week that she and Jeff are married now and are fixing their apartment for their baby that comes in September. Happy ending to a sweet love story! I am trying to do the same for Tik, a cute 18 year old girl who works at a library putting books on shelves and earns so little. She really has no chance for good life here because she would end marrying a Thai guy who will use her for sex until she is not young anymore then he will ignore her and probably not support her. So, and I want to marry her to a guy in the UK or USA but now that her pic and all the other pics on my profile are cut by Lycos, I can do nothing for her much. I am really pissed! Anyone know a nice sincere guy looking for a sweet Thai girlfriend/wife?

Everyone is curious what I do with each of my bottoms. First, I talk with each at the first meeting and we discuss what service I provide, if they are comfortable to do these things or not, and what service they most like and want from me and level of intenseness they can cope with. Always I must find out if they want sexual contact…this is most important to know. All my bottoms want it thank God so I do not have to worry about making offense if I must touch them sexually. After I understand what is in their head and heart then I decide what B/D type they are and what scenes will satisfy their desire. Mistress Marisa taught me that most bottoms are in these four types:

The submissive slave. For these bottoms, bondage is usually not very important and just light bondage, like locking a dog collar on them, is enough. They like to be told what to do and to know they are pleasing me, the Top. The verbal part of the scene is very important because they want to be humiliated and some even like to be treated like an animal. Most want to be used sexually one way or other like making them lick my pussy or having me enter them with my strap-on. Many want to be tested and pushed to their limit…they are proud if they can please the Top (me) and live up to Top's wishes. I use different degree of humiliation and punishment to push them to their limits and to help them get psychologically into what is happening with them. I can use bondage also for punishment and enforcement.

The one who wants loss of control. This bottom wants to feel totally helpless. Its best for me to take total control of them physically and mentally and verbally from the start of the scene. I usually take them into the scene blindfolded so they cannot see and feel totally helpless and they must guess what is going to happen. I like to surpise them by doing things they do not expect. The bondage should be extreme to make the bottom feel helpless and weak as possible. My Japanese girl Nami likes to be wrapped tightly in thin plastic or thin cloth like Egyptian mummy and to have cloth around her mouth so she cannot speak. I wrap her to leave a hole at her ass so I can put in the anal vibrator, and the thin wrapping cloth lets me spank her hard enough to give enough pain to get the good feeling endorphen chemical coming from her brain. But when she is wrapped like this I cannot leave her for one second and must always look for her safe sign if she starts to have a problem to breathe or gets cramps.

The bondage lover. Bondage is the main joy for them and they usually do not want sexual contact.. but all my bottoms want sex so I do not have to worry about this. All my bondage lovers enjoy classic Japanese Shibari (classic rope bondage which is very ancient art). The Japanese names of how it is done will not mean anything but some English words I know can describe what kind of bondage it is….to tie the bottom 'spread eagle', 'hog-tyied', 'chair-tied' and like that. The rope tying is combined with Japanese Kinbaku (tying the rope with very artistic designs) and takes much time to do well and to give the best visual and mental effect for the bottom. Some bottoms enjoy to be bound in difficult positions like hanging from the ceiling and forced to stand on toes as a test of how long they can stand it. Being put into different forms of bondage can be a big high so I must have everything ready to help the scene flow smoothly. All my Japanese girls are bondage lovers and like to see themselves in bondage and when I use the whips or anal vibrator or pussy vibrator on them and so I have many mirrors in the playroom so they can see and get a bigger high. My Thai lady likes to have photos of her to look at when she is home alone in bed to help her get somes highs so she brings her digital camera to scenes and I take her picture. I use Kinbaku always because aesthetics and symmetry is important in using bondage ropes and it is necessary to have mirrors in many places so the bottom can see and enjoy the lovely rope designs on them.

The intensity freak. They like to be pushed to their limit and bondage and pain are most important tools for me to help them to get there. One of my Japanese girls and one of my Thai girls are like this. They want to go a little farther each time to make them feel they are making new record for standing pain. They are the hardest for me to manage because they expect something new each time and expect more pain each time and I must be careful to know when their body can stand no more without leaving damaged skin or bones or muscles. They like to have long and frequent orgasms and usually they like to be brought close to orgasm with vibrators but then they want to be denied the finish, so I will stop the vibrators several times to stop the orgasm before I give them enough to finish it. When my Japanese girls are doing Bukkake I watch to see when they need only a little more of it to reach their orgasm and then I stop the guys to deny the big climax. When the girls cool down some I start the guys again until the bottoms again are hot and ready to orgasm and I stop it again. This start/stop happens 2-3 times before I allow the bottoms to finish their orgasm. By then the bottoms are so high with emotion that they can have super orgasms which means I did my work well. Sometimes I am cannot control their orgasms like I want and the bottom will cum early in the scene and then I feel I have failed to keep control.

The endorphin pig. They are called this because they needs lot of this endorphin chemical from the brain to reach their high and that only can come from receiving intense pain. Some pigs get high with many different kinds of pain while others want only whipping and flogging. My Thai lady is one of these. She needs light bondage so she can move away from me a little to tell me if the pain is too much when I spank her ass, thighs and bottoms of her feet with my hand or paddle or whip. A really big endorphin scene can result to where she almost cannot speak. This kind of scene makes me worry a lot because of some risk. After one of these scenes I must stay with that lady for 20-30 minutes until she comes down from her high and is normal again and then I can let her safely leave the playroom. Sex usually is not part of a heavy endorphin scene but my Thai lady wants it and I use a vibrator on her or give her anal sex with a strap-on to finish the scene.

When I was in sub training under Mistress Marisa, She taught me two most important rules to remember about bondage and domination. First is that the head is the greatest sex organ of all and if the bottom’s head is in the proper erotic zone then the body will follow it and the proper result will happen. The second rule is that correct combination of bondage and punishment can make those strong images in the bottom's heads that they need. I use different kinds of bondage and punishment to do this. Bottoms like Akahiro my Japanese man need only symbolic bondage like a collar around the neck and mild spanking to get into the proper mood and high. Some, like my Japanese girl Nami need total bondage where they cannot move anything except maybe fingers and need very hard punishment with my hands or a whip to take them into that B/D heaven they want. My other two Japanese girl bottoms and Montha a Thai girl bottom also like different punishment such as to have hot wax dropped on their breasts and belly and thighs and then to have ice cube put on same places or like to have ice cold cooking oil spread all over their body. I use one of my slaves to put the oil on them because it is so messy.

Before anything starts at each scene even if it is the 10th scene with that bottom we make a review of the safe word they picked (to tell me when to stop a scene because it is too much for them to bear). I must try to make the scene fresh and made to push each bottom to maximum they can endure to give them the most pleasure and biggest high. It is like knowing how and when to combine flirting, kissing, touching, sucking and fucking to bring your girlfriend to her biggest orgasm. Planning and making a scene takes much time and I must know very well the mood and wants of the bottom and must recognize small body or face signs or sounds they make when we are in a scene to know what should come next to bring them up and up to their maximum high. I feel very strong about making a very good result for my bottoms because they pay a lot for 2 hours of playtime, from Baht 4,000/$100 up to Baht 12,000/$300 (depends on the kind of scene) and I must do my best to satisfy them 100%.

My friends ask how I got all my bottoms. The Japanese man Akihiro I met at House of Midori last year when I was loaned by Mistress Marisa to show traditional Japanese Shibari and Kinbaku skills to the staff there; he liked those Japanese arts and he asked to come to me privately and that was the beginning of my House. Later he brought to me Utada (26) my first Japanese girl bottom and then 2-3 weeks later she brought her friend Nami (24) . Now, Nami has brought me another Japanese girl Akiko (24) from her company and she had her first scene with me night before last night. The Japanese like to come to me for my very good skills in the traditional Japanese arts of Shibari and Kinbaku. All my Japanese girls except Akiko want Bukkake which is a Japanese erotic sex act. The Thai woman Putsadee (about 45) was my second bottom and was brought to me by my roommate Om who knows the woman well from going to the bank where she is assistant manager. That woman told her best friend Maliwan (she is 43 and also married and ignored by her husband) about me and brought her to me four weeks ago to start scenes with me. About two weeks ago Montha a Thai girl in my university who is 20 came to me to ask to do scenes. She was into bondage videos and tried B/D with some girls and guys she dated but they did not know how to make a real scene and she was unsatisfied. Then she heard of me from Om my roommate and was hot to put herself under the power of a real Mistress. Montha likes very intense punishment and said I gave her the biggest high in all her life and she was so pleased that she wants to be one of my regular bottoms which is wonderful because her family is super rich (the father is one of the top bosses in Royal Thai Customs and the mother has a big construction business) and she can afford to pay what I ask and come as often as I have time for her. After her first scene with me she asked if she could bring another girl to start B/D with me and I said yes. This new girl is Silfern and she is 20 and also from well-off family and can afford my biggest fee. So, all my bottoms have come to me by recommendation of other bottoms which is good because I can not advertise or the university might kick me out. Today Montha said she can bring me two more university girls who want to try B/D but I said maybe I can take just one but not until maybe next month because I do not know where to find the time.

Kelly and Lin want me to explain more about Bukkake. You can go to GOOGLE or YAHOO and type 'Bukkake' and find many sites and pics showing all about it. It is a very typical Japanese erotic sex act where many nude boys surround a girl and masturbate and cum on her face to give her a really big sex high. Some girls also like to drink boys cum from a glass to increase the high; my bottoms Nami and Utada do this. Maybe you think drinking cum sounds nasty but it is not (it never tasted bad when I was going with boys) and when you see Bukkake you will be excited because it is very erotic for everyone.... for the girl who gets it, the boys who give it and for me to watch it. Bukkake has come to Thailand with internet porn sites and porn videos that anyone can find and it is getting popular with high school and university girls here because they are really very keen to copy Japanese fads like fashion clothes, electronic things and even sex. Even my two slaves know teen girls at their school who are doing some Bukkake. It gets harder and harder for me to make proper scenes with Nami and Utada because they are into Bukkake in big way and this takes much work to prepare. Putsadee my Thai woman bottom found out Bukkake is one of services I can give and she was curious to try it and she did for the first time last week and she loves it and wants again. It is hard for me to say no to a bottom that wants it because I can charge my biggest fee for it.

It takes so much work to get enough guys together to make a proper Bukkake scene for one girl, and so you can know how much more work it is to make it for three now! Now I have 9-10 gay guys (all best friends of my girlfriends Toy and Som) who come to perform bukkake for my bottoms. Gay guys are best for this because I can trust them that they will not molest me or my slaves or my bottoms. So far I am only able to get 6-7 guys all together for one scene; not all can be free at same time because some are busy or not in the mood. For a good Bukkake I should have 10-15 guys and for the really super bukakke I should have 20-25 guys. I can never hope to have 20-25 perform for me but I solved this problem a little by having all my guys save their cum everyday in bottles for keeping in refrigerators until I can come to take it home to keep for scenes. It is not the best way but it gives me a lot to use with my bottoms who want a lot of it for a better result.

Belle wrote another good idea to me this week.. she suggested I ask Jon and Chris, the two UK guys who have the studio where I used to pose, to ask them and their three studio mates (2 from UK and 1 from New Zealand) to help with my scenes. I can trust Jon and Chris and the other three guys because I posed nude for them for 7 months and they never molested me or did anything not proper. I asked them about this Bukkake idea and they are keen to do it for me as a friend and because to masturbate on a girl's face appeals a lot to them.. they are very naughty guys lol. They already asked their three studio mates and all said they will help me too. These five guys know six more European guys working here who are trusty and they are sure those guys will help me too. Jon or Chris will always be with those other guys to be sure I and my bottoms and slaves are safe. Jon wants to shoot videos of my Bukkake scenes to selI on his websites. I told him I will not pose in those videos but if my clients agree to let him make a video then I will not say no.

After doing all of this, I have to find time to care for Goh and Daeng my two slaves. I feel need to be with them at least one hour almost everyday to give training and correct their bad habits, to let them properly worship and serve me, and give rewards for good behavior. Also, I have responsibility to be sure they are neat and happy so I take them for hair cuts, beauty facial, to have nails painted and to buy them makeup, clothes and jewelry so when I take them to movies or to eat and dance at clubs or to serve me when I am with other Mistresses, they will look nice and I can be proud of them. I must know what they do with their life when they are not in school or with me and I must make sure they study hard and do well in their studies because I have responsibility to guide them in their life and help them to be very successful in life.

Goh has been helping me with all my scenes Saturdays and Sundays and now Daeng has started to help as she now has the collar. Goh is a real treasure for me and I delight when she serves me. She is so full of energy and happiness and is so eager to please me and makes me feel like teenager again. Daeng is more quiet and serious but is very hard working and serves me well too.... she is very good to give me massages because of strong fingers and hands. I am most proud that I have changed two silly and giggly teenage girls into mature young women. Goh said her mom is amazed that now she keeps her bedroom so tidy and helps mom so much in the house and that her school grades are much better. I think it must be the same for Daeng too. I make my slaves study hard to get good results and I told them I would punish them if their grades are not high and then if there is no improvement I would send them away from me.

Everyone wants to know about my love life. It is hard to have one because studies and my slaves and my business take so much time. My love life is now 100% with Pom a Thai Tom (same as dyke) and with Pamela an Australian dyke and why it is like this I cannot say except that it just happened. Maybe it is that both of them drive really big and hot 800cc motorcycles that I love to ride. Last 2-3 months I have been going a lot with Pom (she is 29-30), she is the Tom I dated almost three years when I was in high school in Chiang Mai. After not seeing her for almost 2 years she came to Bangkok for last New Year and called me and we went out for a date to ride her bike in the countryside and to make love again. Later she paid for me to fly to Chiang Mai for a super weekend to go on a motorcycle trip to Mae Hong Son (next to Burma border) with her and about 15 other Thai toms and foreign dykes and their girlfriends and that is where I met Pamela. Both come to Bangkok to see me 2-3 times each month. I enjoy more to be with Pamela because she is tall, blond and pretty and has a really cool electric strap-on that makes me feel so good. I am happy to submit to them because it makes a change for a few hours from the dominant Mistress face I must wear all the time. Anyway, Pom knows now that I go with Pamela and she does not like it and Pamela is jealous too of Pom and I worry I will have big problem with them. But I do not want to stop going with Pamela because she makes me feel so good and I do not feel right to stop going with Pom because she is my friend for 5 years and she used to come pick me up after school in Chiang Mai 3-4 times a week to take me riding on her big bike and buy me many expensive things like cosmetics, perfume, a watch and gold earrings and bracelets. Also, I think Mistress Nurie has feelings for me because She always does things for me like being Mistress of Ceremony for my collar ceremonies, calling me 3-4 times a week to chat me, inviting me to go eat with Her and always touching my face and hands. But so far She has not said anything to make me know she wants me for a lover. I think She is so pretty and I admire Her Mistress skills and manner so much but I am much younger than Her and too far below Her in rank to make the first romantic move to Her.

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